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get the tiny out of long URLs   Privacy : Will delete IP Logs once a week (needed to prevent spam/attacks)

problems occured after webspace change. Please be Patient, im Working on it.

Long URLs that don't fit on one line often aren't clickable after you e-mail them. They can also be tedious to type out on Web-enabled cellphones. R.8.JE squeezes very long URLs like this:


Down to a shrinked, compact, redirecting and derefering URL like this:


Enter a URL to shrink (it must exist)

Dont forget http:// or https://

R.8.JE Bookmarklet:  Drag the link R.8.JE into your browser toolbar.  Then you can create a R.8.JE URL for any page open in your browser window simply by clicking on the bookmarklet.

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